A non-IFTTT workaround for Trello lists - solved!

Hi all!

I’ve recently started using the Getting Things Done method for tracking my tasks and goals.
Trello works perfectly - it’s almost as if it’s designed for it.
I just needed an incentive, or a bit of a poke, to keep adding ‘cards’ to the system, until it becomes an ingrained habit. Incentive MUST be automatic. MUST not make adding cards more complicated.

Enter Beeminder.

Alas, what I really wanted to track is ‘how many cards get added to [list]’, and NOT ‘how many cards are currently in [list]’. This isn’t supported. I also didn’t necessarily want to archive completed tasks - I might want to keep the cards around and add to them.

Initially I looked at IFTTT, but then I found a more simple solution. There’s a powerup called ‘Butler’ that allows you to create ‘rules’ for your board. Simply create an extra list, call it ‘beeminder data’ or something, and put it somewhere out of sight. Then create a rule in Butler that automatically copies any card added to the in-tray to that new list. Then just Beemind that list.

Voila - a running total of items added to the GTD system in Trello, Beeminded automatically.


While this doesn’t help your keep-adding-cards-at-any-cost goal, you may enjoy some of the third party trello-beeminder integrations at https://beemind.me/. I honestly have no idea why anyone would want:

The root mean power of the ages of the cards measured in hours. Power of 2 is the same as calculating the “Root Mean Square” of the ages.

But it sure sounds neat, right?

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