Trello through IFTTT

I’m experimenting with Trello and of course the Beeminder integration. I want to track the number of archived tracks per day, and to that end the integration works.

I wanted to get that one step further and have the name of the card be part of the Beeminder log. (This is probably a new level of procrastination instead of actually being more productive :D)

So I looked into IFTTT but I can’t get it to work. There is a trigger for new cards, and it works for all Lists but not for the “Archive” one which Beeminder has. I understand that it’s not exactly a list but just a flag.

I guess I could create a “Done” list and move cards there instead of archiving them. Any other ideas?



  1. the “Done” list concept works

  2. if you have tasks/cards that you do every day, you can’t move them back and forth between lists because IFTTT doesn’t seem to register the transfer a second time. So you need to create a new card for these recurring items every day.