"Trello Zero" goal

I’ve recently decided to try and use Trello to organise my life again, dumping stuff into a specific “incoming” list and then categorising it from there. I’d like to be able to beemind keeping it empty (or at least not too big). Beeminder has a Trello integration, phrased as “I pledge to move at least n cards into these lists”. It’s not clear to me whether this is sufficient for what I want to do.

I also thought about a binary “did I clear out the incoming queue today” goal, but autodata is always better than manual data, and would offer a better shot at being reliable (what if I clear out the queue first thing in the morning and then add a load of stuff through the day? although maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…). This is partly me thinking out loud, partly a feature request for a more flexible Trello integration and partly a chance for community people to dive in with their own ideas.


Immediate thought after pressing post: maybe IFTTT or Zapier can come to my aid?

EDIT: did a bit of initial testing and these both seem not to work either. IFTTT can only trigger for adding cards or having them assigned. Zapier does allow zaps to be fired for moving cards, but only to a specific list, not “any other one”.

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beemind.me has a trello integration, which I guess can you help achieve what you described. It can send to beeminder either the number of the cards in a specific category, or the sum of their ages (in days). If you create a “do less” goal with a flatline on the level of 0, then every day you’ll be only clear when you reach 0 cards in the category, otherwise it stays in the red during the day. This goal also needs to be non-autosumming, and you might set this through custom goal functionality or ask the support to do.