Trello motivation?

I have a bad habit of ignoring the dev trello board at work. I read all my notifications via email, but I don’t really work in trello–create cards for things I need to do and then use those cards as I complete the tasks. I’d like to change this.

I looked at the Trello integration but it seems to only count all cards in a column, which isn’t that helpful if multiple people are contributing cards to a “done” column (or if the cards in that column get archived on occasion).

How could I use Beeminder to ensure I’m making a Trello board a consistent part of my workflow?

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I love questions like these.

Do you know folks who use Trello in the way you’d like to, or is there some sort of policy/guide you’re looking to follow?

What OSes do you use again? Do you ever use Trello on your phone? Do you want to?


The other dev in our company is using it religiously, and we’re discussing issues in Trello, so it makes sense for me to work it into my workflow so that other employees have better visibility into my work, and discussion can happen naturally on my tasks, as well.

I’m not interested in using Trello on my phone. These days my work happens on MacOS exclusively.

The shared dev board has pretty standard columns:

Backlog >> Next >> Doing >> Complete