A privacy-respecting tool like RescueTime?

Hi all,

anyone knows of something like RescueTime, but privacy-respecting? (By this I mean not sending my data into the cloud clown but keeping it just locally on the computer.) Windows-based, since that’s what’s on my daughter’s laptop (I know, I know). Preferably free/open-source, obviously.

Basically, I want passive time-tracking, i.e., recording the data about what is running in the foreground (aka focused window), and if it’s a browser, then what is being browsed. I want to install it for my daughter so that she’ll learn some time management skills. And since she’s my child, no data about her habits etc. sent anywhere on the network is a must.

I think ActivityWatch fits the criteria. I wrote a small plugin for it a while ago, but haven’t used it since so I cannot personally recommend or anti-recommend it.