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Getting Screentime Data from Apple

Hi, all! So, as many of you will know, the latest version of iOS tracks your screen time for various apps. It makes a bunch of pretty graphs for you out of the last week or so of data. But does anyone know how to access the raw data? I would really like to have all this in a csv, but the data doesn’t show up in Apple Health, and it doesn’t seem to be possible to beemind this through IFTTT either.

Thanks in advance!


No way to do it at the moment. Apple is being too strict.

RescueTime has an iOS app now but it’s not always accurate


Yeah I also looked high and low for this but couldn’t find any API’s for it. Strangely there wasn’t any “un-documentation” saying explicitly that the data isn’t accessible, but unfortunately I’ve concluded that for now it’s limited to staying on the device. If that changes in the future it will probably be very easy to pull out and would make a great thing to beemind.


Hi all,

I found this video from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC21):

which basically announces a new Screen Time API feature.

I have already contacted RescueTime to ask whether they plan to integrate the iOS RescueTime app with the iOS Screen Time data in the forthcoming future. I will keep you up to date when they respond.


Hi again,

I have made a RescueTime feature request about this. Please visit the following link and vote for the feature request in order to be noticed by the RescueTime developer team.



For those of you that have a Mac, this seems like an interesting way to hack your way into exporting both the iOS and the macOS ScreenTime data:


Another idea: how about using some proxy metrics?

We can launch iOS app using Shortcuts. Before opening an app (Chrome, Messenger…), a Shortcut can send HTTP request to Beeminder API to log activity on a Do Less goal.