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A TagTimeBot for iOS and Android


Charles and I have released an Alpha of our desktop TagTime and we are getting some feedback (We want more feedback). We now are designing the mobile device TagTime. We sketched out a variety of interfaces. Our favourite turned out to be a message style interface.

We are designing a bot interface for the iOS and Android version of TagTime.

We are considering

  1. Telegram Bot
  2. Slack Bot
  3. Skype Bot

Just posting this here to get feedback

  1. Which of these applications are already installed on your device
  2. Have you used any bot on these platforms. (Likes / Dislikes)
  3. Do you have any favourite bots you think we should try out.



How about WhatsApp? I know bots are not yet officially supported, but there are a bunch of libraries out there than do it somehow.

Of the others I have Slack , and skype but only for work. Slack seems the most bot-friendly, so may be the best bet, but you may have to be a bit geekier to have it in your device already, versus a WhatsApp.


I’m not opposed to TagTime chat bots and it’s a great way to dip a toe in. But for my own hardcore usage I need a native app that doesn’t depend on network connectivity, pings at the exact right time, and grabs my attention and pretty much forces me to answer it.


How does the Android one work for you? I was thinking it needs a pop-up option so that it grabs your attention and forces you to answer it - as is it’s too subtle.


Yes, it’s definitely a problem that it doesn’t grab focus. I usually have many devices going off around the house so it’s hard to miss pings but I still do sometimes when on my phone. The old desktop version I still use does grab focus and works great.

Android TagTime build or build instructions for latest update