TagTime in Slack

I mentioned this to Daniel via email a few days ago, but I think a TagTime implementation via the beebot would be super interesting. At the moment, the UX of TagTime prevents me from using it, which is a shame, because I think it could be really valuable for me.

If there are alternatives to the existing standard UX, I am interested in hearing about it!

Posting this to see what people think.


Which aspects of the current UX can you not use?

I use the android version which provides a different experience from the command line.

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it’s not that I can’t use them. I just found it sort of a not pleasant experience on OS X. was hoping for something more “slick” (for want of a better term)

I am on iOS too, so out in the cold wrt Android stuff :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what would you say your utility for a native TagTime on iOS app would be? :wink:

And/or for a Beebot implementation?

Beebot is open source now, btw: GitHub - beeminder/beebot: A helpful bot for interacting with Beeminder

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how would I quantify utility?

By describing something of equal value you’d hypothetically trade for it! For example, how many hours would you spend waiting in line for it (or building it), or how much money would you pay?

I’d personally pay a lot for a cloud-based TagTime service that could also work offline and followed the universal ping schedule.


There’s not yet a way to respond to pings, but you can now use /tagtime on and the bot will send you a DM on the ping schedule. So if you’re on iOS you could have the slack notifications set up to buzz you when you get a DM from Beebot. I could also probably put together a shell of an iOS app pretty quickly that just let you turn on push notifications and send your device token to the same server if that would be useful as well.

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dreev, doesn’t this definition of utility depend on a person’s context? the value of $10 is going to differ from a subjective point of view, depending on how wealthy I am. the same is true for time, though we’re not accustomed to thinking of time as a sort of wealth

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oh cool thanks for the update apb

if you got a notification of a ping, how do you submit data? I’m guessing you’d use the TagTime perl scripts in some way?

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There’s no way to submit data via Slack yet. I’m not really sure how that would work to do it entirely within Slack. You could reply to the bot’s message and then it would serve as a fancy notepad for you to remember how to categorize the pings later, sort of like what @dreev is doing with the Android app.

But that all assumes you’ve got the X11 version running on your laptop and are willing to manually sync the two.

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I wrote some tagtime merging scripts for when I had multiple tagtime log files.

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