Abhinav's Beeminding Journal

Hi everyone,

I went through a pretty bad productivity slump this year. I lost my father in February & till October I just couldn’t study the way I used to. There were a lot of things beyond my control too. So, I don’t want to be too hard on myself. I am just happy that I am back on track.

To get out of the slump, I had been reading some books on productivity like atomic habits, the motivation myth, Deep Work, digital minimalism & finally motivation hacker. It was from the last book that I came to know about Beeminder. I have tried making some goals & later deleted them in the last month on Beeminder. I just first wanted to know what would be some sustainable yet ambitious targets. I guess I have found the right goals now.

I completed my Masters this June & I am currently preparing for a competitive examination in India. I have all the time at my disposal & I would really appreciate if there is a tool that can keep me accountable. I hope Beeminder does the trick.

I would be updating my weekly update here. 2020 is just about to start & the beginning of the year would be a great anchor point for getting back on track. Posting my progress here would add a little more accountability to the whole process.

Here are my goals:

  1. Answer Writing: 4 answers every day = 28 answers a week.

  2. Studying my optional subject for 3 hours every day= 21 hours a week

  3. Write two full length objective tests every week & write 1 full length subjective test every two weeks

  4. Read newspaper everyday & read 15 days worth of assigned articles every week (I have a few months of backlog).

  5. Study Ethics for 10 hours every week.

  6. Though I haven’t beeminded my total study hours, I would like to study for at least 8 hours every day= 56 hours every week.

Health Related Goals:

  1. 4 KM run every day

  2. 20 hour Intermittent fast for 5 days a week

I know it looks like lot of goals but I need to work hard if I have any chance of getting a decent score. I wish you all a happy & productive year.



Good luck! I’ve found Beeminder keeps me in line for this kind of thing beautifully, and it looks like you’ve set quantifiable goals which you know how to track, so I think there’s a good chance it’ll work for you!


All the best abhinav. checkout tagtime for beeminding your time based goals


I really haven’t understood what tagtime is. Does it work on windows? I use pomodoro for all my studying sessions and then enter the time spent manually in beeminder.

If pomodoros are working. then you are good.
Tagtime sends you a ping randomly , and it asks you to enter what you were doing that very moment. Using math it is able to approximately calculate how you are allocating your time. If you replied to very ping

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Have you tried pomodoros? What do you think are strengths of using tagtime? I use pomodoro mostly because it forces me to sit in a place & focus. I’ve been using them for over 5 years now. So, they have become part of my way of learning. But I would love to know how tagtime can add value?

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