Anand's Beeminder Journal

I aim to track my beeminding & my journey towards a more disciplined life via this journal.
Currently i have 5 goals

1. Yoga

Do atleast 1 surya namaskar. Atleast for 5 days in a week.

2. No Junk

Have atleast 5 no junk days in a week.

fine print: hunger quenching during migraine & 1 chocolate after lunch are allowed.

3. Work

Atleast 30 hrs/week via TagTime.

4. Entertainment

Less than 14 hrs/week via TagTime

5. Steps

Atleast 50,000 Steps/week (with my phone on me :slight_smile: )

Weekly update:

  • yoga: 3 (derailed 1)
  • no junk: 4 (derailed 1)
  • work: 35hrs
  • entertainment: 9 hours
  • steps: approx 45k-50k

Is there a way to sum up data points in a week? like steps in a week? hours in a week?

This week i added a fine print to no junk allowing me to have one chocolate after lunch :confused: (I aim to do away with this slowly)


I aim to update this journal once a week. (may be add a beeminder goal for this)

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Good luck! I’ve found keeping a beeminder journal really helpful in looking back and reflecting on things… and reminding me to put breaks in my goals in time. :laughing:


weekly update

  • read: 50 pages
  • yoga: 4
  • no junk: 4
  • work: 27h
  • entertainment: 18h
  • steps: approx 45k-50k (unable to calculate this accurately)

Need to increase my work hours and reduce entertainment


weekly update

  • read: 32 pages
  • yoga: 5
  • no junk: 5
  • work: 29.25h
  • entertainment: 14.25h
  • steps: unable to add data in beeminder easily

need to increase focus at work. and prioritize


weekly update

  • read: 40 pages
  • yoga: 6
  • no junk: 3 (derailed once)
  • work: 31.5h
  • entertainment: 12.75h
  • steps: unable to add data in beeminder easily

I am happy with that entertainment quota. I would like to get work to 35h :slight_smile:

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weekly update

  • read: 140 pages :money_mouth_face:
  • yoga: 7 days :star_struck:
  • no junk: 5 days :blush:
  • work: 27h :slightly_frowning_face:
  • entertainment: 17.75h :cry:
  • steps: around 35k steps :slightly_frowning_face:

Missed focus this week, as I got all the new stuff from black friday!
Good parts: Read a lot, did yoga all seven days, did not eat a lot of junk.
Action points for next week:

  1. Get 6 hours of work between 8am - 4pm
  2. Box Entertainment to 1hr/weekday-night, & 4hrs each on sat/sun
  3. Charge phone in night, and carry with you always. For steps

weekly update

  • read: I did read about a 100 pages in the mom test book. But i am archiving this goal for now, asI dont want to be reading a lot . Want to be performing now :smile:
  • yoga: 3 days :frowning:
  • no junk: 6 days :slight_smile:
  • work : 27.75 :slightly_frowning_face:
  • entertainment: 19.5 :frowning:
  • steps: 28k steps approx (thanks to my hiking activity) :frowning:

This week was bad, because i lost focus from mon-wed, and ate heavy dinner so missed on yoga in the morning.
Good part: Went for the hike, and worked on the expressions problem which contributed majorly to the work part

Action points for next week

  1. Get focus on the main stuff for the week, and finish it in the first few days of the week

I also worked on this cool new script. which syncs my tagtime to google calendar and gives me a display like this

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  • yoga : 6 days. :blush:. may be i should increase from one surya namaskar to two.
  • no junk: 4 days :neutral_face:
  • work : 12 hrs :frowning: mon babysitting. tue-wed recovering.
  • entertainment: 34.5 hrs :sob: stay away from youtube recommendation algorithm :red_circle: derailed
  • steps : 22k steps :frowning:

Action points for next week:
Given that it is a holiday week, focus as much as you can on the one goal you have taken. most of the beeminder buffer has run out. So unless I derail, the metrics are going to look much better next week


i was sick this entire week. caught a bad dry throat, which gave me fevers.
So i could not walk 7k steps a week. I was supposed to derail. But since I was sick, I thought it was okay to enter wrong data.

  • yoga : 5 days :money_mouth_face:
  • no junk: 6 days :money_mouth_face:
  • work: 35 hours :money_mouth_face: (due to the interest in DS & teaching rails)
  • entertainment: 17 hours :neutral_face:
  • steps: 20k :frowning_face:

Action points for next week:

entertainment < 10 hrs
work > 40 hrs

how does one handle derailments/beeminders when one falls sick.
Like i have a goal to walk 7k steps a day. And I felt sick for two days. Can i pause for sick days alone?

I read somewhere that mailing the support can help you with this.

Yes. When you derail, you get an email asking if the derail was legitimate.

Some people find it very valuable to put details in the fine print of their goals. For instance, I have some goals that I say it’s OK to not do if I am sick enough I take the day off, and I have one or two that I would expect to do as long as I’m not in the hospital. :slight_smile:

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Thats helpful. thank you very much


  1. If I have >7 days leeway, I put in a break myself in the stop/pause tab under the goal, so I don’t use up my hard-earned leeway on something I can’t help. I can do it myself in this case because my leeway extends past the akrasia horizon anyway.
  2. If I have <7 days leeway, I email support and ask them to put in the flat spot I need.
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very nice. thank you

yoga: 5 :slight_smile:
nojunk: 6 :slight_smile:
work: 56.25 :money_mouth_face:
entertainment: 9.75 :money_mouth_face:
steps: 20k :frowning_face:

Yaaay!!! I finally hit my actions points from the previous week. This has been by far my best week in work because I took up something I was really interested in doing. Yaayyy!!!,

As a result of this my entertainment reduced to less than 10, and junk free days increased to 6.

Action points for next week:

  1. maintain work at 40+ hours.

Next week onwards for 4 weeks, I am travelling. and i have put the goals on a break. lets see how it goes

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