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Anand's Beeminder Journal

I aim to track my beeminding & my journey towards a more disciplined life via this journal.
Currently i have 5 goals

1. Yoga

Do atleast 1 surya namaskar. Atleast for 5 days in a week.

2. No Junk

Have atleast 5 no junk days in a week.

fine print: hunger quenching during migraine & 1 chocolate after lunch are allowed.

3. Work

Atleast 30 hrs/week via TagTime.

4. Entertainment

Less than 14 hrs/week via TagTime

5. Steps

Atleast 50,000 Steps/week (with my phone on me :slight_smile: )

Weekly update:

  • yoga: 3 (derailed 1)
  • no junk: 4 (derailed 1)
  • work: 35hrs
  • entertainment: 9 hours
  • steps: approx 45k-50k

Is there a way to sum up data points in a week? like steps in a week? hours in a week?

This week i added a fine print to no junk allowing me to have one chocolate after lunch :confused: (I aim to do away with this slowly)


I aim to update this journal once a week. (may be add a beeminder goal for this)

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Good luck! I’ve found keeping a beeminder journal really helpful in looking back and reflecting on things… and reminding me to put breaks in my goals in time. :laughing:


weekly update

  • read: 50 pages
  • yoga: 4
  • no junk: 4
  • work: 27h
  • entertainment: 18h
  • steps: approx 45k-50k (unable to calculate this accurately)

Need to increase my work hours and reduce entertainment


weekly update

  • read: 32 pages
  • yoga: 5
  • no junk: 5
  • work: 29.25h
  • entertainment: 14.25h
  • steps: unable to add data in beeminder easily

need to increase focus at work. and prioritize


weekly update

  • read: 40 pages
  • yoga: 6
  • no junk: 3 (derailed once)
  • work: 31.5h
  • entertainment: 12.75h
  • steps: unable to add data in beeminder easily

I am happy with that entertainment quota. I would like to get work to 35h :slight_smile:

weekly update

  • read: 140 pages :money_mouth_face:
  • yoga: 7 days :star_struck:
  • no junk: 5 days :blush:
  • work: 27h :slightly_frowning_face:
  • entertainment: 17.75h :cry:
  • steps: around 35k steps :slightly_frowning_face:

Missed focus this week, as I got all the new stuff from black friday!
Good parts: Read a lot, did yoga all seven days, did not eat a lot of junk.
Action points for next week:

  1. Get 6 hours of work between 8am - 4pm
  2. Box Entertainment to 1hr/weekday-night, & 4hrs each on sat/sun
  3. Charge phone in night, and carry with you always. For steps