Adding safety days via the API or IFTTT?

IMHO, nothing in the API is as convoluted as editing the YBR. I realize that in theory today’s API allows you to do anything you want with the YBR, but in practice all of my projects that involve edits to the YBR end in tears and I give up.

I had the realization this morning that usually what I am trying to do to the YBR is add safety days. It’s relatively easy to express in English but not to the YBR. I could do most of what I wanted if the API or IFTTT let me say “Add +N safety days to this goal on date D.”.



API makes sense to me.

What would you trigger it with in IFTTT ?

I guess I would prefer it in the API if I had to pick one. But if it ends up only in IFTTT I can just have my script talk to IFTTT worst case. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I figured. Couldn’t think of a natural trigger.

PS: also sent this by email, but 16 minutes later it has neither visibly errored nor posted. Apologies if a dupe later appears…

The API would be the place for it to happen.