Retroratchet trigger and action in IFTTT or Zapier?

Hi folks!

Anyone else interested in a retroratchet trigger or retroratchet action in IFTTT or Zapier?

I was thinking of something wonky where when I get a certain email, I would retroratchet a goal to only have 7 safe days…


A retroratchet action would be great for creating trigger-based goals, like with teeth.

I can’t think of any current examples, but I know I’ve had wanted that but never thought of it in terms of a retroratchet. Brilliant.

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I also want congratulatory emails or other things when I retroratchet as part of max safe days, and hopefully this trigger would happen then too.

I definitely want this, but alas Detecting auto-retroratchet in the API? . See also Giving me a reward to motivate me to Retroratchet!

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