So far there is no way to create an action from a beeminder derailment.
Im thinking it will be a great addition. This will make possible to automate facebook posts, tweets, smart things actions and to create a lot of interesting IFTTT recipes integrated with a lot of different services.
Hope you consider it.


Any update beeminder?
It really seems a logical feature. Letting us tracking our fails by derailment :frowning:
Hope you take it into account


No update yet but thank you for bumping the thread. Keep clicking “like” and chiming in with use cases, those of you chomping at the bit for this!

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Thread bump: It occurred to me after the recent poll on the daily beemail about posting to social media when a goal derails that users could implement this now on most of the main ones if the IFTTT channel supported a derailment trigger.


Yes an automatic social shaming post will be a great addition to keep commitments to beeminder. :see_no_evil:

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I would use this, too. Right now, I have an IFTTT trigger on the derailment email hitting my Gmail, which I use to send a “Post-Mortem my Beeminder Derail” task into my OmniFocus inbox, so that I remember to answer these questions:

  1. Why did I decide not to catch up on my emergency day?
  2. What part of those circumstances was under my control?
  3. What can I do now to get ahead on this goal?

I can’t remember if I came up with these or found them elsewhere on the forum - probably the latter. Works fine with the Gmail channel, but I’d rather have it work with a Beeminder trigger directly.


That’s brilliant. I’d add to this that any derailment is an opportunity to reassess the goal as a whole, as well as the aggressiveness of the slope. i.e. not just the technical aspects of beeminding, but also the real life goal that your Beeminder goal is supporting.


Yes! That’s a great point - I’m going to have to think about how to include that in the next version of my post-mortem questionnaire.

Let’s see:

  1. Log all derailments in a spreadsheet (and keep an eye on the totals)
  2. Create a beeminder goal for not derailing on beeminder goals.
  3. Create a beeminder goal for not spending $x on beeminder derails.
  4. Add a log of derails to your Day One journal.
  5. Post to social media about derails.
  6. Share derails via email with chosen people.
  7. Deliver a Pavlok shock on derail
    That’s just off the top of my head…
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My quick reactions to these:

  1. We do have https://www.beeminder.com/pledges which we ought to provide in a much better form. (Having just shoulded myself, my immediate action was to add a to-do to at least push an easy UVI to improve the case where it just doesn’t even show you all your derailments (it does at least tell you it’s been truncated when that happens so you’re not being actively misled).) UPDATE: done now.
  2. See concurrent relevant discussion: "All Green" meta-beeminding goal
  3. Could that work? My first impression is that it’s too circular. Or maybe it just ends up equivalent to just increasing pledges on the other goals.
  4. This is a good one.
  5. This is perhaps our excuse to make this a premium feature.
  6. You can do this already! See the supporters feature.
  7. I was using an IFTTT recipe to shock me when a goal zeno-polled me. I think that’s better than shocking you upon derailing. That’s like adding injury to insult. :slight_smile: I really liked zap-on-zeno, as I called it, and would still be using it but my very early Pavlok model had some bluetooth problems.

Did I hear premium feature?
We know beeminder needs to be profitable. So please, this integration will be a great addition even at a premium cost.
Hope you work on this one and offer it soon.
Probably the ones who will use this feature are not casual beeminder users…

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