Adjust Deadline Timing in Main Settings

The precise timing of my goals’ deadlines is a pretty important part of calibrating them for me. I’ve got one goal, for example, that I just wasn’t doing. I was cheating the scores, all kinds of stuff (I’m trying to fix that!). Part of the problem was that the goal timed out in the wrong part of the day - I wouldn’t view it as urgent enough to accomplish at a time when I actually would, and instead delayed until it was impossible. I’m trying a new time for it where I will definitely be able to get to it during the day but won’t be able to delay it until right before I sleep. Anyway, all of this is to say: why is the deadline over with the reminder settings? It’d be more convenient (at least for me) if it was over in the main settings.


I think this is because it’s intimately related to the zeno polling, and because it was one of the things that could be set as a default, and where those lived once upon a time.

(That’s not a defence, just my recollection of the hysterical raisins.)

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