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Request: include deadline in goal creation wizard

I often find that I break and then have to fix new goals because my default deadline is in the morning, so changing the deadline puts the initial dummy data after the current date according to goal logic. So after creating a goal and then changing its deadline, I often have to go back and edit the dummy datapoint to fix the goal. It would be a lot more straightforward if the deadline was presented as an option during goal creation, and I think it would also add value by reminding people what their default deadline is and prompting them to change it if it makes sense.

Here’s what it looks like when I break the goal this way:


Also, weekends off!

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Ooh, thank you! We’ve been fixing a couple things that sound adjacent to this but, um, clearly not well enough.

To clarify, you’re saying that including deadline in goal creation would allow for better working around this bug? I think I agree because we want deadline to be part of goal creation anyway.

We also want to fix the root problem, of course. Maybe that’s easier said than done. Or maybe it’s as simple as nixing this “all datapoints are in the future” error.

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Yup, that’s exactly what I mean. :slight_smile: That would be great if it was as easy as turning off the error… :thinking:

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Hm. This is surprising to me. I’ve fixed several things around making restarts and new goals deadline aware recently, and I wasn’t able to reproduce this when I tried making a goal after an earlybird deadline like this.

can we defectus this up with steps to reproduce? here’s what I did that I thought would reproduce and did not…

  1. set default deadline to noon in page
  2. be 2pm on May 4th
  3. start a new goal
  4. new goal with initial datapoint on the 5th, and graph drawn with tini=5th, etc

Sure! Here are my steps to reproduce:

  1. Set default deadline to 10am or some time before the current time of day.
  2. Create a new generic do-more goal.
  3. In the new goal’s settings, change the deadline to 11pm.


Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 5.06.11 PM


Aha! I’ve reproduced it! Let me edit in a missing step from your reseminata [done; amended step 1]. Also @bee, it turns out, accidentally missed your step 3 when she tried to reproduce it. (Having it laid out as numbered steps definitely helps; thank you again!)

So, I think we can just suppress this error and be on our merry way! It looks slightly weird after the deadline shift:


That black triangle is because “today” is now before the start of the bright red line, ie, Beeminder doesn’t know how to color it because it’s not on either side of the red line.

But I think that’s an improvement, right?

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Yes, @dreev, that definitely would be an improvement! Thank you! :smiley:

Voila (and thank you for the UVI!):

PS: It’s probably still also true that deadline should be part of goal creation!

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