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Cannot set reminder time after deadline

I get the error message

“There was an error updating your reminder settings”

when I try to change the reminder start time after the deadline for a goal with deadline 2pm.

I want the reminders to start after 2pm on the day before, so for a goal with deadline 2pm, I put in:

start alerts: 19:00
lead days: 1

But it will not let me enter this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create goal with deadline 2 pm
  2. Set “start alerts” after 2 pm

Expected behavior: interface sets “start alerts” time to the time I put in

Actual behavior: error message “There was an error updating your reminder settings for Goal X”


I’m running into this error, too. I have plenty of buffer on the goal, so the error isn’t because I’m on an emergency day. I’m trying to set alerts to 9am with 1 lead day, and deadline to 8am. But it keeps giving me an error, even when I set the alerts and lead days first and then try to set the deadline.

Is there a fix for this? If not, what’s the closest I can get to my desired schedule?