Alfred Integration

Hi all.

I have a number of goals that I have to keep entering data manually for on
the BM app.

I don’t particularly enjoy using that layout and I was wondering if there
was a way for me to use alfred ( to feed my data into

I’m not a Developer and so far I have not been able to find a resource to
help with the workflow. So I was hoping someone could point me in the right

I’d be very happy to learn of other ways to enter data that are more
command line and less GUI. Basically anything that will make it quicker and
less cumbersome for me.

Thanks a lot!


You might want to look at these:

I use them both on my Mac on the command line, either directly or in my own
scripts. The latter one especially is very convenient by itself for adding
data and getting a quick text summary of one or all goals.


D’aww! WebService::Beeminder is my work, so I’m really glad to hear
you’re finding it useful! (New release just pushed to CPAN, although
the changes are just in tests, docs, and metadata.)


I started an Alfred workflow, but quickly reached the point where it was
sufficient for my needs at the time, so never packaged it or automated the
list of goals.

But if they’re useful for anyone, as inspiration or reuse, I’ve attached
them. I also know that Shashi was working on something similar.

I’ve also got some automated rules using Hazel, in particular for merging
my tagtime files and pushing to Beeminder. Shout if you want them.


That reminds me, I recently updated the links to hackery like this at

Hi guys,

thanks a lot for sharing all this super useful information.

Philip, i’d love to try out your hazel rule to see how I could use that.


Hi Nitin,

I’ve attached my beeminder-related hazel rules. They may not be directly
useful to you, but may give you some ideas.

One rule is tied to counting the size of my inbox. (Sadly it
counts all mail, not just read items. My baby-applescript wasn’t up to the

The other rule is tied to my multi-host hack of tagtime. If there’s
interest in that, I’ll clean it up and get it on github. (Caveat: it works
for me, with my Mac & iOS & Dropbox setup. If anything, it’s less friendly
than the original.)

If you do anything nifty, let us know.



Thanks so much for the amazing assistance Philip!

I’ll take a look when I’m on my computer and respond.

You’re awesome!


You can mail the beeminder bot with your data.
You can also use Slack to add data.

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