Android app sends derailing reminders when I've met target

I have the Android app on my phone. There’s been a few goals I’ve set up with a definite target (eg doing all the exercises in a textbook) where I’ve hit the target ahead of deadline, then when the deadline gets close my Android App starts putting up alerts that I’m about to derail. Of course, I don’t derail.

(BTW, I love your service.)


Hi Tracy!
I’m idly wondering whether the app has noticed that you’re on the road. I used to see something similar with the iOS app when the datapoints were entered outside the app (e.g. autodata, website, etc) and the app was behind in its synchronising.

Are you seeing this for goals where you’ve entered the datapoint in the app itself, so it really should know that you’re no longer in the red?

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This issue, together with other minor notification quirks should be resolved in the latest update (2.4.2). Let me know if they persist.

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Thanks! Though I think my next goal with a specific end point is due to end at Christmas time, so it might be a while before I’m sure. Tracy

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