Android app very slow to refresh graphs after submitting data


I’ve noticed recently that the android app is taking a very long time to refresh the graph after submitting a data point. The data seems to have made it through to the server based on checking the interface but the data point stays red in the app and the graph says “refreshing” for a long time - several minutes at least.

This seems to have been happening for ~ a week now but I’m not sure about that exact time frame. Is anyone else seeing it?


Yes, I also see it.
I also have trouble manually refreshing/syncing from the main screen.

I’ve noticed it happening since the last update.

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I have also seen this, and would like to add a small suggestion: If the new datapoint doesn’t cause the safe day count to change, and the new datapoint is very close to the original entry that day in terms of pixels, maybe not bother with updating the graph. Especially on the phone screen (even on my Galaxy Note), there is seldomly any notable difference beyond points changing color.

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