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Anti-magic vs carrot-dangling

I’m trying out the Infinibee plan as user-me instead of my normal Bee Plus (actually I briefly tried downgrading to the free plan and then quickly went to Infinibee when I needed to create an odometer goal) and was just Profoundly Confused at finding the static graph editor Mysteriously Absent from my graph settings.

At some point I had the bright idea that dangly carrots at people (“oh don’t you wish you had this feature? you would if you were preeeeeemium”) was a slimy phone-company thing to do. Or looked adjacent to such sliminess?

Obviously, in retrospect, that was dumb and the more important principle is Anti-Magic.

Even dumber is that we’re still paywalling the static graph editor even though is free to all.


Oops, turns out that was not the worst of it. I totally forgot that when you downgrade to Infinibee we turn off weekends-off. So I was unpleasantly surprised to find myself having beemergencies on weekends and thought there must’ve been some kind of bug related to scheduling breaks that got my weekends-off clobbered.

I guess this one amounts to a feature request to warn the user that of the features they’re losing when downgrading premium plans. When I say it that way it sounds silly – why wouldn’t you look at at the list of features before deciding to downgrade? But there I was, as user-me, baffled about my weekend beemergencies after downgrading.

I guess in the case of weekends-off the problem is the delay and lack of a prompt. Losing the ability to create odometer goals when I tried the free plan was fine: the next time I wanted an odometer goal I was like “oh, right, guess I need at least Infinibee” and upgraded again. But enough time passed that when I had an unexpected weekend beemergency I failed to make the connection.


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Out of curiosity, did your existing scheduled weekend breaks go away? I’m guessing (but don’t know) that they are scheduled a week in advance, so maybe the other possibility is the one after next went away - i.e. the first, already scheduled, break remained, but future ones weren’t created?

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It’s “future ones weren’t created”, rather than that anything actually went away – scheduled breaks stay scheduled, no matter what, but weekends off only schedules one week in advance. (That’s necessary because if it immediately scheduled all weekends ever, you’d have a devil of a time changing your goal rate – you’d pretty much have to use the graph editor to change your rate for each week, for the entire length of the goal. Scheduling just one at a time keeps it flexible.)

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Excellent, this is as I’d guessed. Good point about changing the future slope if they were pre-scheduled to infinity - hadn’t thought of that, but makes perfect sense!