Any way to use Net Calories from Garmin?

I use a Garmin Fenix 6 to track my exercise and daily activity. I log water as well as link it to MFP for calories consumed. Based on my goals and activities it gives me a calorie budget which I should stay within each day.

1st question)

I see that this goal is available from fitbit but I don’t see it in Garmin. I wear a Charge 5 on my other wrist so I don’t mind using fitbit but I trust Garmin’s view of how many calories I burned since it has more data (due to GPS and HRM-Pro chest strap).

2nd question)
Net calories has a problem in which it fails open, that is: if I do nothing I will always win the net calories goal since my budet is >0 and by default I log no calories in MFP. Should I have another goal which is once a day confirm I logged all food in MFP? (quickly running out of my 3 free goals, :smiley: )

Thanks all!


Is your net calories goal a do-less? If so, it should already create pessimistic presumptive datapoints!

Thanks, I think something like that would work normally but Fitbit net calories is special goal type.

Instead of Do Less, the idea is to have a Net Calories count of below 0 (Calories In - Calories Out). I guess a pessimistic datapoint would be a large positive number like 3000 (that could be configurable).

However, since the data is external, I don’t think I can enable pessimistic presumptive datapoints. At least for me, the option is disabled.

One other realization is that one problem I have is logging my food consistently at the beginning of the day but then falling off in the evening (usually with a meal that’s hard to log or very big…). If I only log a partial day then I’ll just end up with a really negative score which is not honest.

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Ooh, it’s fancy! I think your idea of a “logged-everything” goal is super reasonable, then — definitely interested to hear if anyone else has ideas tho!

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