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Fitbit connection to net calories goal


I tried to set up a goal for net calories from fitbit. I log my food with My Fitness Pal (much easier than fitbit btw) and transfer the data into fitbit. Fitbit knows my calories burned, my uptake and calculates a kind of net calories, taking into account my steps and other physical activities. The result can be positive (if I want to gain muscle substance) or negative (if I want to lose weight). When I set up the goal beeminder was a bit confused that I am negative. It expects positive values. But I want to lose weight. Is there any way to change that or make it configurable?



email us @ support with a goal link! we can see what the problem is and fix it up correctly. it definitely is possible cause i’ve been tracking net calories that way for a few months now :slight_smile:


I tried it again and now it worked! Kind of funny…



@chriswax, thanks so much for reporting the confusion! Turns out we broke something yesterday :frowning: but @alice just fixed it which is why it worked when you tried again. Sorry for the hassle! Keep letting us know when anything seems off…


I’m trying to monitor a daily calorie goal with imported data from Fitbit but the algorithm plots the data as cumulative calories rather than by single days. Is there a way to change this? I don’t care what my cumulative intake is, I only care that I remain below a certain value each day.