I made a Beeminder NodeJS API client & shell script!

I made this in March but just realized I never really announced it—I made a javascript client for beeminder. It can be used both as an API (this was its original purpose, for Complice) and as a shell client. For the former, use npm install --save beeminder inside your node project; for the latter, run npm install -g beeminder and then run it using the command bm. (What’s npm?)

If you type bm logo it’ll produce output as shown below. I have a custom terminal profile set up so that if I press super-alt-b then I get this window:

The logo is just shown while my data is still loading. Once it does, you get…

Then I can create a datapoint with the command shown there (bm cd = BeeMinder CreateDatapoint). Although I actually have alias b='bm cd' to make it even quicker :sunglasses:

Anyway, I welcome feedback on it as a command line tool and as an API client. Feel free to submit pull requests to the github repo as well!


Oh, and the way I have the custom terminal set up (on Ubuntu) is that I created a new profile, with a yellowy color and square dimensions (70 cols & 32 rows). Then, in the Commands section of CompizConfig Settings Manager, I set up a shortcut to run the command

gnome-terminal  --window-with-profile=Beeminder -x bash -c "echo ""; bm logo; bm status; bash"


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Malcolm! This is amazing! Thank you! I’ve wanted this for some time and it never occurred to me to see if it already existed! <3

@dreev @bee IMHO the existence of this command could use way more attention. :slight_smile: