iOS app does not update shown data points on sync in Apple Health goals

Given this Health data (active calories):

Tapping the button “Sync last 7 days” does seemingly nothing. The last 5 data points shown are not changed no matter how often you press either one of the two sync buttons.
Despite this, it shows a very distinct check mark symbol, indicating everything would be alright and what the user sees is correct.

Looking at what the website reports, the data is completely different, however:

This is not a new bug. I have observed this behaviour many months ago already. I think going back as far as when I first used the Apple Health app integration for my water goal.

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The same problem with me, in my case, missing data in mindfulness minutes and time in bed. Hope that the developer team will fix this soon!

@apb is the development “team” :slight_smile:

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Hi @phi
If I understand correctly, you expect these three to all show the same numbers. From the looks of it, the data shown on the website corresponds to the data in the Apple Health app but the Goal View in the app is showing other data.


In your case, it is so that the data as seen via the Beeminder website is what you would expect but the data displayed for the goal inside the Beeminder iOS app is off?


Thanks for asking! Such data-points are missing in both website and iOS app. I tried to sync last 7 days but it’s not working.
I guess the reason might be I didn’t open Beeminder app on that day so it failed to sync with Apple Health. I’ll keep that in check the next time I experience this.
However, I recognize a strange pattern with “mindfulness minutes” (I used Flipd app to track my focus time), if my logged minutes are perfectly equal 1 hour or its multiples (60, 120 mins), the data is more likely to be unable to sync even when I open Beeminder and sync right away. I think that might be because the displayed unit in Apple Health would show that duration as 1 hour or 2 hours instead, which makes Beeminder mess up the default unit (minutes). My workaround for this is to log a small addition of time (1 min or even less is enough), which makes the sum of duration no longer a multiple of 60 mins.

That is correct.