Auto-Ratchet Integration

Is there an auto-ratchet integration? I can’t be bothered to pay $16/month when auto-ratchet is the only Bee Plus feature I need… :cry:

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I’m looking for a simple tool, kinda in the same form as (which lets you choose specific rates per day).

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Hmm, I’m not aware of anything off the top of my head – I think because people might hesitate to build a tool that exactly replicates a feature we actually have and charge money for (for good reasons, since it inflates the number of lines in your graph matrix and generally makes your goal a bit more resource intensive). I do know a couple of people have personal scripts that do this kind of thing for themselves, but I don’t know of any web tools that would do that.

Most likely, auto-ratcheting will come to the core version of Beeminder, in the foreseeable future. The technical issue needs to be solved first, but we’re behind the idea in theory!

In the meantime, maybe the autodialler tool could help for at least some use-cases. It’s not exactly the same concept (it adjusts the rate of your goal to what you’re actually achieving on average, and you can set bounds on that), but it can help avoid the accumulation of buffer over the long-term.