Can I use auto data in a manual weight goal?

I have a manual weight goal I’ve been tracking for a very long time. I’ve recently purchased a Fitbit Aria and have slacked on entering data into Beeminder. I wanted to know how I can get that auto data from Fitbit into my manual weight goal.

Main objectives:

  1. Automatically enter Fitbit weight data into my goal.
  2. Keep tracking my weight in the same goal, don’t lose old data.
  3. Still be able to do manual entry if I need to (useful when I travel and do not have access to my home scale).

Fitbit has an IFTTT trigger on “new weight added”. If you are in on one of the worst kept secrets around here that should be enough. If not you can make an IFTTT to add a datapoint to your weight goal via email.

You said you have been slacking on entering data into beeminder - perhaps you could set up a goal to simply record each time you weighted yourself, ignoring the value of what the scale says? You can do that by creating an IFTTT and just always send 1 as the datapoint.


Excellent. That sounds like what I need. Will look into it. Thanks.

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No no, just ask us for the beta link! (And it’s submitted for review now so we expect it to be officially public very soon.)

I found the beta link. The recipe appears to function as I want.

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