Fitbit weight tracking without fancy scale

Can you set up a Fitbit weight goal when you put your weight into Fitbit manually? Or does it have to come from the scale?

Specifically, I track my food and weight in MyFitnessPal, which then pushes it to Fitbit. MFP does not have any way I can see for Beeminder integration (as MFP is not set up for either Zapier or IFTTT, from my googling) so I would like for Beeminder to pull straight from Fitbit for weight.

I know you can manually put your weight into Beeminder but I also know from past experience that I am more successful at goals where the data is automatically entered into Beeminder for me.

I am not experienced myself at connecting apps when they don’t have an obvious “click here to connect” button so any advice is appreciated. Sorry if this is somewhere else in the forum; I searched and didn’t see an answer.


Beeminder doesn’t care if the Fitbit data is automatic (from a scale) or manually added.
You can enter your data in MFP, it will update Fitbit, and Fitbit will update Beeminder.
You can also enter your data in Fitbit and Fitbit will update both MFP and Beeminder.

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