Automatically beeminding reps when exercising

TL;DR : I’m looking to set a system to help me track my reps when exercising at home. This system most likely will require a wearable device.

I had a a goal of going to the gym in Beeminder before, but because of quarantine that won’t work anymore for some time. So I thought maybe I could automatically track my reps when doing exercises at home.

The problem now is how would I do it and how much would it cost me a system to do that? I have an Android phone so my ideal solution would be around that environment.

I have seen an app that does this like this one but it seems a little forgotten for now (?). In any case, this needs a smartwatch with wearOS (know before as Android Wear) which I don’t currently have so I’m not sure if it works well.

I’ve recently discovered also that Google Fit can also track your reps but I can’t find too much info on how well it does it or how it can present you the data or integrate it with other services. But my guess is that it needs a wearOS smartwatch to track your reps as well.

I’m not sure if there is another device (fitbit, galaxy watch 2, etc) that can also auto detect your reps. But would definitely consider it.

The next step would be to send the reps data to Beeminder. Which it would be great if there were an integration through ifttt or zapier. But if there is none, I think I could create a macro in my phone so that it gets the data from a report page of an app (google fit, etc) and then send that data to Beeminder through its API or through webhooks on IFTTT. I would use this app because is the main one that I use for automation on android.

Do you know of devices that can automatically track reps and get reports for apps? even better if they have an easy integration with IFTTT/Zapier? I’m also open to other ideas on how to set a system like this.

extra notes: I currently also have this smartwatch but is not a wearOS device but is more like a watch with the Android SO inside in which you can install android apps like in your android phone. I should have known that before I buying it but I didn’t understand that world very well then. I don’t think there is a way to track reps with an android app but I thought it might help for ideas if any.

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Hi! I love this idea.

The Android app does not currently work with Google Fit, BUT has a Google Fit integration.

If better Google Fit integration would solve your problem, let us know! If you find an app that works with something like IFTTT/Zapier, but not something with a current built-in integration, let us know!

I think many Garmin devices can do rep tracking, but I am not sure how well they work. Similarly with the Fitbit devices…


My Garmin Vivoactive3 says it does rep tracking, even automatic detection of what exercise you’re doing but I gave up on that quickly. It wasn’t registering half the reps I did and I don’t think it ever got the move right. I believe they’re on the 4 now so there might be some improvements on that front.

Running and biking performance has been great. Indoor swim, not so much. With my experience I wouldn’t advise Beeminding anything but distance based activities or steps using Garmin.