Feature Request: Dynamic Date drop-down on Goals List

I always have one tab in my browser open to my Beeminder goals list. That way, when I complete a task, I can just switch to that tab, enter the data, and click Add Progress.

Except, I can’t do that, because the drop-down menu to enter the date doesn’t have today’s date in it. It has the date of whenever I first opened the tab, which was probably days ago. So I have to remember to refresh the page first, before I enter the data. I forget to do that a lot, and that means I have to take a side trip over to the data page and edit my entry.

You’ve already got scripts running on that page that update it every second to show the time remaining for each task. Can you add a script that runs maybe once an hour, that updates the drop-down menu and repopulates it with the current date, so by default it’s always showing today’s date, even if I haven’t visited the page in a while?


This is a great suggestion, I think, although there are some situations where you wouldn’t want it, such as if you are close to the date-changeover time for a goal (which can vary by goal, if you want), and you start to enter data on one day, but it flips to the next day while you’re doing it. That might cause you to derail.

What I do is use a “auto refresh tab” extension on my browser. It does this for me every X seconds (I use it for my “news headlines” tab as well!). Works well for me.