Automatically Track / Beemind Time on Xbox


I am looking for a way to automatically track the amount of time that I am playing Xbox. I have tried relying on manually starting and stopping the timer on the Android Beeminder app and that just doesn’t get done reliably enough to make this goal feasible.

Some ideas were to see if there was an API/Webhooks (semi-technical user so pardon if I’m using this jargon wrong) to pull this info from Xbox (which does track when I’m online) and dump the data into a beeminder goal or using a smart outlet which would be able to track how long it has been powering the device (xbox). Any ideas or recommendations from those who have done something similar or are familiar with this type of thing? Thanks for any help you can provide!



I had the same problem with using the Beeminder app timer. I’ve had luck with instead setting a timer outside the Beeminder app, and then recording the time spent when it goes off. At that point I can either set a new timer or stop the activity. It works quite well for me.

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