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Beeminder graphs in Notion?

I’ve just done some more testing and it’s definitely working for me so long as I used the username/goalname.png version of the image url AND to get it to update you have to press reload on your browser’s notion page with the beeminder graph on it - just going from one page to another within notion doesn’t (generally) cause the image to get reloaded. (I’ve only tried using the webpage version.) Clicking +, choosing image from the menu, and typing the .png url in manually seems to be the most reliable method of adding the image where it doesn’t zoom through to the amazon s3 version.

Sometimes, seemingly randomly, it will reload the updated version without a hard reload though, I’m guessing that’s down to browser caching. If I open up a different browser it will load me updated images while my usual browser is still showing old ones.

It’s not something I’d rely on to show me if it was a Beemergency, but for adding to a page with other info about the goal I think it’s working fine.

And it’s definitely a Notion problem. On the pages where it’s working you can look at the image link and see the encoded beeminder/username/goal.png in Notion’s image name. On the pages where it doesn’t work you can see the amazon s3 url in Notion’s image name.

Oh, I also meant to add, maybe Notion figures out the redirection thing at some point and they stop working? I deleted my tests from a few days ago once I thought I had it sussed, this time I’ll leave them and see if they break in future.

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There may be things we can do on the beeminder side to make this work for private graphs, and there is almost certainly something we can do to make this work for “crisp” graphs. I put the “crisp graphs” one in our issue tracker. I want to do a quick test of something before discussing the private graph idea with the team.

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pssst! try using .svg instead of .png at the end of your graph. I’m not sure if it’ll work with notion, but it should get you the “crisp” version of your graph.

.svg and .png respectively on top of my dark mode notion app

I give up :slight_smile: it isn’t a huge thing for me

Beeminder (the website) does not support ‘dark mode’, yet.