Beeminder + Notion Integrations

I’m making several integrations between Notion and Beeminder. Thought it might be fun to make a post about it both for personal accountability as well as crowdsourcing and work shopping ideas.

Current Integration Ideas

  • Sync database “Habits” table in Notion with all goals in Beeminder(partway done with this)
  • Grab variables needed for my Auto Incrementer from Notion Habits Table
  • Charge me when items in my Tasks table goes past their deadline
  • Enter data into Beeminder from Notion Habits table

My grand plan for Notion is to turn it into a centralized dashboard for my life and all the digital systems I use.

For Beeminder I would like to be able to see the status of my goals as a table in Notion. This table can be filtered to see what I believe to be most important.

Also the ability to charge when I miss deadlines will allow me to replicate what others are trying to do with and taskratchet without having to have a separate to do list/system for items that I want to charge myself for.

It seems like there would be a lot of overlap between Notion and Beeminder users. Curious to hear other people’s ideas for integrations.

I’ll be using this Unofficial API Python Library until Notion comes out with an Official version.


Would you mind sharing your notion dashboard / habit setup? I found it challenging (impossible) in the past to set one up that is simple enough to actually keep using it.

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