Beeminder graphs in Notion?

I would love it if I could put my beeminder graphs into Notion. I have tried using the link you can copy to put them on a website, but it is very blurry.

Is there any way I can put my beeminder graphs into Notion so I can see how they are progressing? I’m very minimal so I love having everything in one place as much as possible.

Let’s be clear, I’m not asking to be able to alter the graphs from within Notion (as cool as that would be). I’m just asking to see the graphs within Notion and see how they look without having to go to the beeminder website.

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Ooh, nice idea, I had never thought of including my Beeminder graphs in my Notion pages. I’m often tracking the whats and hows of the tracking in Notion while the data are in Beeminder. Combining them is a good idea.

Where are you getting the image links from? I just tried grabbing the URL of the image from the source of the Beeminder graph page, which looks like then pasting it into Notion and clicking “embed image” on that URL, and it’s worked just fine and not blurred, but it does seem to take a long time for the images to load in.


That’s the image of the graph as it is right now—it’s not going to update as data is added to the goal.

At the bottom of the statistics tab on the goal page is a link labeled “share on your site”, which is what I believe @meatfeastman was referring to. It gives you a snippet of HTML you can embed, which contains an iframe. The image in this iframe will always be up to date—but it seems to be the thumbnail version of the graph, and so it’s rather blurry.

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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

Yeah, I was referring to that one.

Great question and great answers so far! Does work for you? That might be the best permalink for the graph image.

Nearly, but doesn’t update itself on Notion. That’s what I’m after. It needs to update itself.

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This requires that the goal be public or that the user has been authenticated. The bmndr.s3 link however does not.

/username/goalname.png seems to work ok to me. Reload the page and the image updates to the current version. But as @ubdhtvqeakj9 says it doesn’t work with private goals. I tried sending ?auth_token=[APIKEY] along with it but that didn’t help.

There is also the authenticate then redirect request: Beeminder API Reference

Do you mean it updates itself from within Notion? Because when I put the image in Notion, and then update my exercise graph on the beeminder website, the graph in Notion stays the same.

Are you doing something I’m not? I’m copy pasting the image from /username/goalname.png into Notion.

Yeah, that should work. If you use a URL along the lines of$TOKEN, that should always get you to the up-to-date version of the graph.

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If you add the image itself to notion, no matter how you obtain the image of the graph, then notion just has that one static image.

If notion allows, can you include the image by pointing to the url as is done in html with <img src="https://link to image goes here" alt="alt text goes here"> or as is done in markdown with ![alt text goes here](https://link to image goes here)?

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Yes, just adding an image in Notion and typing in the as the “embed link” embeds the image for me. (Or just paste in the URL and click “embed image” in the popup that appears.) When I reload the Notion page it updates the image to the current version of the graph.

Unfortunately using the$TOKEN version doesn’t seem to work as I can’t seem to get Notion to recognise it as an image.

The first version seems to do two redirects (301, 302), and the authenticated version does three redirects (302, 301, 302), I’m not sure if that extra step is what’s causing the problem?

Answering myself: no, you can make both requests go to /username/goalname/graph that removes the 301 in each request but Notion still doesn’t recognise the authenticated URL as having an image on the end of it. I’m out of ideas for now!

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I use Notion everyday and I would not have thought of embedding my beeminder graphs there if I hadn’t seen this post. Thank you!

btw works perfectly fine for me.

To whoever is willing to implement this: I suggest you to take the easy 3 mins route and make your goal public (if you want to keep it somewhat private, change its name and units tracked)

Okay, thankyou. I was doing it wrong, kept copy pasting the link that comes up once you search, rather than a link without /graph. Silly me.

I lied. It’s not working. It never did.

If I include on a Notion page, I am prompted to choose between 3 options:

Dismiss = raw link, no image
Embed Image = notion takes a screenshot of the image at the time that you clicked on the Embed thing and displays it forever, never updating it again
Create bookmark = sucks

Has anyone made progress on this?

Is this a Beeminder thing or a Notion thing? Does Notion ever dynamically fetch images like we’d like it to here?

You don’t need to make the goal public it seems for me anyway using the as an embedded link.
It appears that if you duplicate the graph image that will update it, so you might just have to duplicate it each day as you use Notion

99% sure it’s a notion thing