Beeminder iOS Version Support

This is a proposal for iOS version support in the Beeminder iOS app. I’m sharing it here to get feedback, and learn if this will have unexpected consequences for users of the app.

The Policy
Beeminder will support the 3 most recent iOS versions. This means today supported versions are iOS 14-16. In a few weeks when iOS 17 is released, the supported versions will become iOS 15-17, and in a year’s time following the next release, it will be iOS 16-18.

What does it mean for an iOS version to be supported?
It will be possible to install the latest version of the app on this version of iOS, and all functionality supported on that iOS version will work. Some features which are unique to newer versions may not be available - e.g. interactive widgets are only supported by iOS 17+, so would only be available on that version.

What does it mean for an iOS version to not be supported?
The current version of the app you have installed will continue to work and be available, however, you may no longer be able to update to newer versions.

We won’t deliberately take away compatibility from unsupported versions for its own sake, but e.g. if we would have to maintain two versions of code for older and newer versions, we will drop support for the old version rather than maintain both.

What does this mean for device compatibility?
The change to stop supporting iOS 14 in a few weeks will have no impact on device compatibility - all devices which can run iOS 14 also support running iOS 15, although you may have to install a software update.

The change to stop supporting iOS 15, which would not happen until about a year from now, would mean new versions can no longer be run on the following devices:

  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus [2016]
  • iPhone SE (gen 1) [2016]
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus [2015]
  • iPad mini 4 [2015]
  • iPad Air 2 Vintage [2014]
  • iPod touch (gen 7) [2019]

What should I do if this will impact me?
Reply to this topic and let us know!


This seems reasonable to me. FWIW I replace my phone anywhere between every two years and every five years.

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