Notion just added unlimited blocks and pages to their personal free plan!

I’m pretty stoked about this. See their changelog for details. Before this, it was pretty much inevitable that you wouldn’t be able to stay on the free plan if you wanted to keep using the product indefinitely. Now you can. :slight_smile: (Though their long-promised API will only be accessible to paying customers, whenever that materializes.)

I’ve tried it a couple of times also and am excited to go beyond 1,000 blocks :slight_smile: How do you use Notion right now? Any interesting things you’re looking to try with it?

After having a look through Tom Frank’s newer videos, I’m thinking of pretty much copying what he’s doing, i.e. mainly using Roam Research for note-taking/research and Notion for “project management”. I’d love to use Notion for a Beeminder journal first and foremost because all of you on the forum seem to get lots of benefit from them! Beyond that, it seems like a really good tool for managing study, work projects/goals and exercise planning/monitoring for which I’ll also use it over the next few days


This is awesome! (I suspect it’s in response to Roam moving towards a payment model) Although I’m still holding my breath for Notion’s API like many others, imagine the bee potential!


There is a decent alternative to Roam with
RemNote uses similar ideas to Roam in the bi directional linking and diving into blocks and referencing blocks but they also utilise Spaced Repition for learning and have an API.
I am looking to integrate it into beeminder but I am unsure how to use APIs in general.


Spaced repetition with the same mind map style as Roam?! This looks way too good to be true/free for any longer haha; have you seen any indication that Remnote might move to a payment model as well?

Yes they are planning on moving to a paid model but they have said that all current features will remain free for current users.
RemNote Documentation

RemNote will always have a feature-rich, free-for-life version. Current users will never have to start paying for a feature (in its current state) that they’re already using.
RemNote’s core features (+ many more we’re building) are free. In the far future, we’ll have a pro subscription, with extra features and extra data storage. However, we will maintain a feature-rich, free-for-life version as well.
You’ll never have to pay for any feature you currently use. If we ever move an existing feature behind a pro subscription, current users will have grandfathered free access and use to the feature in its current state.
Our current focus is on innovating, improving, and building the best knowledge base & spaced-repetition tool. Please share your feature requests!

They lack the graph capability that Roam has at the moment but if you know a bit about APIs then you can create your own it seems
RemNote Tree Graph