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Beeminder - Zapier: Adding unique row(datapoints) for every column on a spreadsheet.

HI Bees,

For the first time i’m trying to track a goal from google spreadsheet into Beeminder via Zapier.

The setup is simple:

On a spreadsheet i have two columns: Date and Sleep time.
I’m planning to update the sheet every week or so from another app that gives me a csv file.
I’ve setup a Zap, successfully connected both the spreadsheet and the the correct Beeminder goal. The zap works and the data is flowing.

But the problem is, Since i’m updating the sheet on a single day(once every week), all the data is getting added against that single date on Beeminder. I want the data sync to happen against the right date. or if that is not possible, Since i’m tracking the data daily, I want each of the column in the sheet to be treated as a separate date/row.
Can someone help me how to solve this?
I tried looking on the Zap for updating two fields, but no avail.
Do check the attachment for reference(Where all data points are synced against a single date 24th jan)

Thanks in advance Prasanna Kumar

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