Beeminding Excel Spreadsheet Updating

Hi, all!

So, for the past couple months I’ve been beeminding updating my budget/spending log (which is in a plain old Excel spreadsheet) and adding a datapoint manually every time I update. But I’m lazy and forgetful and I’d love to find some way of automatically adding a datapoint to my beeminder goal whenever I, e.g. save the spreadsheet or add a new row or something. Any thoughts on this?

P.S. - I know there’s a way to do it using Google Sheets + IFTTT, but I really don’t want to move my spreadsheet to Google Sheets. I have a lot of conditional formatting and formulas that I’m not 100% sure would transfer well.


Hmm, maybe you could do it by saving your sheet as CSV and periodically checking the number of rows with a script. that’d be pretty simple to code up in, say, Python, using the Beeminder python wrapper I found on Github

Not sure if Matt is on the forum, but there are definitely other users who support their own API data entry and might be able to help out here.


There’s a number of python libraries around to read Excel sheets directly - you don’t need to go via a CSV. I’ve used OpenPyXL before and had a lot of success.


If you’re OK with switching to Google docs, you can rig IFTTT to add a row with specified data to their spreadsheet.
And you can use that trigger to add a datapoint to beeminder. Basically, you would have an input field and every time you put your data in there it gets appended to a spreadsheet and you get a beeminder datapoint automatically