Best Practices for Summarizing Beeminder Data into Spreadsheets ?

does anyone has a good integration for pulling out the beeminder data into a table/spreadsheet style ?

for instance, if I add multiple data points to the same goal per day, I’d like those to be summed for the day

and could ideally add multiple beeminder goals to this data, to observe how some data affects other data

something like this would be the practical idea:

.                       Jan 1          Jan 2             Etc
meditation minutes         10              0
exercise minutes           30              5
tasks completed            40             10

or am I better off just creating my own custom version using the API and a python script ?

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There’s an “Export to CSV” button below the data list on the web app - that’s only for one goal at a time, though. You’d need to do something locally in Excel/whatever to smash them all together in your format; depending on your skillset, that may be easier, or Python may be easier.

(Just as an aside, I’ve found asking your favourite LLM to write this sort of simple script to be a tremendous timesaver - it probably won’t get it exactly right, but it’ll likely get the main loops in place and save you some time.)