Beeminding deleted rows/data in a spreadsheet/file


I’ve had a look through the existing posts but wasn’t able to find anything.

I have a long list that I would like to beemind my way through, and, being extremely lazy
am trying to think of a way to automate beeminding it.

I’m aware that there are word counting beeminders but each line could be differing word lengths
I also had the idea writing a Google Apps script that checks the rows in a sheet, but that also seems
like a lot of work.

Anyone have ideas on how to do this automatically (just by the action of deleting the row itself) and without having to do a lot of programming work?


Google Apps Scripts isn’t too bad if you know Javascript, but if Zapier has support for this trigger it’ll be even faster.


Alternatively you could have the file sync onto your computer, count the lines there and use something like bmndr or curl with a cron job or launchd or systemd or whatever Windows got.

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