My personal goals (1 from 9): Sleep time from fitbit

this is my next post. In the following posts I want to discuss what goals I set up and how they are running. I will start with the last one. I had set up eight goals like doing more pushups, steps on fitbit, cutting a movie (which needs to be done before x-mas!!!) and so on. Clearly these Tasks will consume time and Beeminder will keep me up on my toes…
I was seraching for one last Goal to set up. It should be one that I don’t have to care about and maybe one that I could not be cheaten easily. I was on the Goal Setting page and searched for something. Do less… Do more… hmmm what about something from fitbit? I must say that I have perfect BMI, so all the calories stuff is not really interesting for me. Maybe staying constant in weight which I already have as a target…
But hold on: What is about Sleep time? Perfect! There is no extra work, it will just run from it’s own. Locked in!

Then (afterwards) my brain came up with something like this: Hello? Somebody at home? You committed to targets which will need more time! And if you are about to derail, you need to work the whole night through to avoid paying Money! But this works against the sleep target. So you have to decide which derailer you prefer!
If Beeminder is a harsh Mistress, I have now two Mistresses wachting me! Oh God!

But in the end I think it is not that critical (hopefully). It’s a good target to have enough sleep. Otherwise your job may suffer under the committments from Beeminder. But I have really take care not to derail!
We will see how it works out and I will Report on that!


Ha, yes, two Beeminder goals that conflict with each other – dangerous! Related:

Beemind responsibly, y’all. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing how this goes, Chris.

If tracking sleep is important, but you also don’t want the goal to get out of hand, you might consider a low pledge cap combined with the attitude described in Nice middle ground.

For me, learning how to use Beeminder most effectively takes time, so I like to try out new strategies now and then and not worry too much if one in particular doesn’t work quite right.

And thanks for sharing what you’ve learned :smiley: