Beeminding iPhone screen time

I’d really like to Beemind how much time I spend on specific things on my phone (eg twitter, Facebook etc), which my phone logs nicely within Screentime. I’d really like to automate this so that I stick to it. Is there any way to get data from iOS Screentime into Beeminder?
I don’t think Rescuetime would work as I don’t want to track total screen time but time on particular things. Is there a workaround?

I haven’t checked since this year’s WWDC, but as of last year, the only programmatic access to Screen Time apps can get is if you set up your account as a child account, and even then it’s extremely limited and can’t be used for basically anything.

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I remembered that years ago I used an app called Moment to try to reduce screen time, and it got you to track it by taking a screenshot of the iPhone screen time record, and would pull the data from the screenshot. Would anything else pull the screenshot data and then integrate with Beeminder…?