Beeminding to make money

Wondering if anyone uses beeminder as incentives to close more sales or do tasks that specifically generate income.


Sort of! Or rather, I beemind my earnings and my hours spent working, though I do so with half an eye to earning just enough that I can take a day off or sleep in one day or whatever. :sweat_smile: In the past when I worked on individual projects rather than having long-running contracts, I’d probably have beeminded doing X number of pitches a week or something.

I think as long as it’s a metric that’s under your control (to at least some degree), then it can be very successfully beeminded, and I’d bet you’re not the only one. I’m sure I’ve seen goals about e.g. doing more sales calls and such.


Nice! I know there MUST BE a way to do it, and help me take more action to make more income through online business. It’s just confusing for me specifically because I only have one business cashflowing right now which is an airbnb. I’d like to scale that and create other income streams (E-commerce, info-products, SaaS ?) but don’t have any clear path of what I could beemind exactly!

For now I’m just setting daily goals with my boss-as-a-service and that is helping me get more done :slight_smile:

But, I do wish I could specifically create a yellow brick road (or set of roads!) that actually somehow pulls me towards making $3k, $5k profit per month, which would be a significant milestone for my “entrepreneurship” journey.


For me, I literally beemind the £££ I earn per day (roughly calculated since there are some currency conversions involved), and have the amount set to what I need to earn in order to pay my bills, plus some cushion for savings, etc. I also beemind the hours I spend on it.

My guess is that time is often the best metric when you’re not sure what exactly to do: then that is under your control directly, even as people saying yes to you or stuff working out isn’t. Later other metrics can emerge, but putting the time in is often where it starts (even if that time is initially spent researching what you need to do next).


If you’re trying to work out what path(s) you could beeminde, then maybe to start with you could beemind coming up with ideas, or researching them? Some number of hours/week, or words in a journal or log, focused specifically on this?

You’ll need to be honest with yourself about the activity and make sure “research” doesn’t turn into hours watching Youtube videos or something, but that’s perhaps a way of at least pointing you in the right direction?