Beeminding wedding planning

Has anyone used Beeminder to plan a wedding, or know someone who has?

@lidith and I have been meaning to get serious about wedding planning for several months now, but there’s always something more interesting to do. Since Beeminder cures just about all akratic evils in our experience, we’re going to try it here.

To keep things simple, we’re starting off with this Weekly Wedding MIT goal to simply track whether we completed the Most Important Thing each week.

We’d love advice if anyone else has done something similar!


I would probably couple it with a “minutes spent working” goal, with a rule
that the minimum timeblock entered has to be X minutes low–maybe 15.


Heh, I’m in the middle of it.

I’ve been using my must-do task for it, but just created a separate “wedding-do” goal since it was clogging up my must-dos. I set the rate to 2.5 / week because that was about how many of my must-dos I was using for it in the previous month. 1 / week seems way low to me, but maybe your wedding is less custom or you’re less picky than we are…


When I was beeminding a job search, which has a lot of similar “this is annoying and hard but necessary to achieve the outcome I want” moments, I counted pomodoros. I ended up being a bit lax about the definition of “pomodoro,” and the end result was something similar to what @adamwolf is suggesting. It meant I had to sit down and dig in long enough to do some real work, but I wasn’t committing to a huge amount overall.

The rate that ended up being sustainable for me was 2 per day (about an hour of real work) - which was consistently less than I felt like I ‘should’ be doing, but consistently more than I would have been able to push myself to do without Beeminder. Obviously wedding planning will proceed at a very different rate, but it’s a good example of the difference it makes to sit down for a block of time vs. do a whole lot of starting and stopping.



These all sound like great suggestions for how to Beemind it. My only advice is about the event itself: I wish more weddings were potlucks.

good luck :smiley:


Nice one. I’m actually trying a beeminder for moving now, I’m not all that integrated with tons of apps, I just have got my to do list in Evernote where I jot down all things that come to mind, and every time I cross one off the list, I get a +1 on beeminder.

I sometimes divide the to do’s in smaller chuncks/group them, so they’re about equal in time/effort.

Used to mix it with my regular to do list around the home, but that was not working, I just picked the ones I liked and moving stuff/deciding on moving issues were just skipped (as I had already done ‘useful things’. Also (still) missing is a timeframe of course, although I know deciding on paint is the most important one right now, as far as my yellow brick road is concerned, I’m doing great as I’ve contacted a moving company and told my cable provider we’re moving already, all things that can wait a bit longer…

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Our wedding had a potluck reception! Would recommend. Makes things super chill and gives people an opportunity to contribute to the day in a meaningful way. Make sure you have a good food coordinator.

I used a simple minutes per day goal for our wedding planning. It seemed to work fairly well.

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