Beeminding weekend-only goals?

Has anyone found a good way to beemind things you only want to do on the weekends? Right now there’s a simple way to beemind things you don’t want to worry about on the weekends, but not the reverse that I know of. Is there a solution?


No, which is something I really wish we had :frowning: You can do some clunky stuff w/IFTTT, but it involves dummy data and is whatever the opposite of elegant is.

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Assuming you want to track the number of hours spent on the thing, can you do something with tracking the hours you spend on OTHER activities? I guess you’d need to do that in a do-less goal, with the rate and starting buffer set so that you could enter 24 hours for the first few days until the first weekend arrives.
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If I were doing it, I’d create a do-more goal with a zero rate for recording the time spent on the actual thing and then do something with integromat / ifttt / etc to automatically copy the data to the do-less goal.

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“tangle” because it’s an almost-semiordnilap of “elegant” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but it sounds like there might be something there. :thinking:

It’s weird to me that beeminder doesn’t have a way to choose the days of the week you want to do the habit. That’s pretty standard for any habit tracker.

It’s a real hassle to basically set up any goal that needs to be on a specific day of the week, you have to do the math right!

Does anyone know if that’s in the pipeline?