Weekdays Only

I see a handful of posts here in the Forum re “Weekdays vs Weekends”, but most of them involve running scripts (which I’m not particularly familiar with) and/or setting EEGs for each weekend… Was an easy (re easier) way to work on a specific goal through exclusively Monday-Friday ever established? I am new here and see how much potential this program/app provides, but I don’t want to self-sabotage myself right out of the gates.

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Currently I’m not aware of any way to make weekends only easier without running scripts somewhere. Sorry :frowning:

I do nothing special and just don’t enter data on the weekends. The exception is if I would derail: I’m allowed fake just enough points to move the eep day to Monday.

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I don’t know what you consider easier, but I remember someone making themselves reach green by friday as a way of working with mon-fri goals.


This is probably too simplistic for what you are looking for. However, just in case.

I don’t know how to make it specific days but if I set a “do more” goal and require it 5 times a week then while it does not fix it to specific days I can do just mon-fri each week and never derail.



I have flexible work hours, which means if I show up earlier I get to leave earlier so I have a beeminder goal to show up late less than twice a week. Since I don’t have to show up for work on the weekend I automatically get it of.