Beemium - Goals with no pledge question

If I sign up for beemium to make a couple goals without pledges, will the goals continue to have no pledges after my beemium subscription ends? The faq explains that I can upgrade to infinibee, make a bunch of goals, and when the subscription ends it won’t delete them. I was wondering if this is similar in that I can forever keep a few pledgeless goals. Would they still be pledgeless if I de-rail and recommit after my beemium subscription has ended?

I have a couple things I track just to track. My main examples are meditation and how many days in a row it’s been since I last ate junk food… I’ve decided that I don’t want a punishment for eating junk food or for skipping meditation every now and then, but I also don’t want to make it so I can eat junk food or skip meditating every X amount of days or something like that because I don’t want to my routine to be “I eat junk food every 14th day”. From experience I know that I tend to see my safety buffer as permission to eat junk food and take the day off, so that’s exactly what happens. I want to take the day off every now and then, but I want it to count as a derail (without cost) and I don’t want to do it on a schedule. For certain goals, I’d prefer to just watch how often I derail and how long my good streaks are, just for my own self-quantification, without incentive/punishment outside of the act itself.


Absolutely yes. Upgrade, make changes, downgrade. The same logic should apply to any subscription level.

In making these goals permanently pledgeless, make sure to set the pledge cap to zero as well as starting them off at zero.

The biggest problem that I have with my own pledgeless goals is that if they’re too aggressive and derail too often, they start to make me go numb to Beeminder’s warnings. Pay close attention to how it works/feels for you, and adjust accordingly.

Experiments like this are valuable… if any weirdness happens, email

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I think @philip is technically right but I’m not sure we meant to be that generous. I’m also not sure we’re in a hurry to fix the “bug” but also not sure about committing to it working that way. To me the fairest behavior would be that a pledge cap of $0 turns into a pledge cap of $5 if you don’t have Beemium anymore.

Makes sense. You probably don’t want someone to buy a forever pledgeless version of beeminder for the one time cost of $32.00. Personally, I planned to have some pledged and some pledgeless, but I could see people doing that. My intention was to integrate all of my habits into beeminder, but I’ll keep using Excel for my pledgeless goals if it might not stay that way. As a student, having all my tracking in one place isn’t worth 32/month to me.

Yeah, I’m torn! If a student discount would make the difference you can ask
for one at . We have a few excuses we can dig up to
give pretty deep discounts, including demonstrated need or helping other
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