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Bug: Can't decrease pledge to $1?

A new goal I created tells me I can’t decrease my pledge to $1 because pledgeless goals are a feature of the Beemium plan. This is a bug, yes?



1 is the new 0! :smiley:

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Not quite a bug, but I’m having trouble thinking of the word I need… Using the low starting pledges ($0 and $1) after your first derail is a Beemium-only feature, so the fact that you can’t lower it is not the bug, but the wording needs to be changed to something more apropos than “pledgeless” now we have $1 starters.

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Hmmm… could that restriction be waved for the first week or day or something? In this case I created the goal fully intending to start it at $1, but got distracted while creating the goal. That’s why I was trying to push it back down after the fact.