Time Timer mode of Beeminder?

I am writing to share my experience with…procrastination and something I found useful.

I bought a Time Timer MOD that helps me do the countdown. That’s actually very helpful because unlike the countdown app on my phone that I have to frequently unlock the screen to check the remaining time and being distracted (again), the time timer MOD is just there, reminding me how much time left.

This sounds unrealistic but a countdown mode on Mac/PC screen may be helpful for people to concentrate. I was wondering if it is possible to have a “working mode” function in the Beeminder website that can help people count the time left. Just click Beeminder and click ‘countdown’, then the whole page became a countdown page. I known there are similar websites like Toggle. But to keep it simple, just a counter without any other function can be a helpful side function? After using the countdown, you can see how much time you spent on it, but turning the countdown mode on is very easy and straightforward.

Please let me know what do you think of this idea and I am curious how do you keep yourself from being distracted?



What is a time timer MOD?

Hi Zedmango, time timer MOD like a normal clock that you can put on your desk. You can set the time and it starts the countdown. The red area represents the time left, when it disappear, it means the countdown end.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 10.57.24 PM
I hope this helps!


It would be amazing to have this kind of thing built in to Beeminder eventually. In the meantime, it’s hugely valuable to recommend things like Time Timer to each other. Another option I’ve been using, on the recommendation of @Thomas_Frank, is Tide for Android (and apparently iOS too). When you start a pomodoro / tock / session / whatever you call it, it takes over your phone and doesn’t let you switch to anything else.


Just downloaded Tide! Hope it helps me focus.