Beedroid - Display of time to derail could be more useful

In the android app, the time to derail is displayed in a coloured box at the right. But the time display just seems to show the least significant bit.
So it shows “53 min 20 s” when it should perhaps say “2 hrs 53 mins”
Or it says “2 hrs 52 min” when it’s actually safe for 1 or 2 days.

If there’s limited space, might it not be better to show the most significant portion of the time?



Ooh, this sounds pretty important but I’m not able to reproduce it. Can you make a screenshot?

I see this problem when I set my phone’s font size to larger than the default. I really should have reported it, sorry - @gripfin thank you for reporting it!

In the screenshot below, the two red goals actually have 6h 45+min to go, and the oranges have 1 day that’s not showing. Blues and greens also cut off the day portion, same as oranges.

This has been happening for a long time so it’s not from a recent change. (I REALLY should have reported it. :disappointed:)


Thanks Alys, this is exactly what I was referring to. It does feel like a 1st world problem reporting it as a bug but if it can be addressed that’d be cool.


I’ve added this to the bug database!