Beeminder Forum giveaway


One of my favourite tools for focusing on work,, is giving its members 5 coupons for free 3-month subscriptions (a $16 value).
Try it out for free at , read the science behind it and message me if interested. First come, first served! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a lifetime account and I dig it.


Where would one acquire a lifetime account? I can’t find it on their pricing page.


I got the lifetime account when they had an offer on Hacker News a couple years back. It sometimes pay to be an early adopter (I’ve been burned also) :slight_smile:


Hm, interesting. Even more interesting would be a comparison between and! I use the latter sometimes for focussing, mood setting, when hosting my RPG campaign, … it got a generator for cat purrs!


Wow. So far this has been great! Thanks for the giveaway @apolyton! This really works for me somehow. I can only recommend that people try it out.


Awesome to hear! Which ones have you tried, and what did you notice?

Martin's Beeminder "Tagebuch" (journal)

I tried all types (focus, relax, sleep) and I have noticed that the focus sessions really do get me in a more flow-y-er state. It’s like I am able to do more, because I’m in the mood for it when listening to the music or something. I am not 100% sure if this is just because the folks tell me that that’s what is supposed to happen, but I work a little harder, read a little longer, do things with a little bit more care and/or energy.

I think I also sleep better when listening to the sessions of the appropriate type. I have been listening to podcasts while falling asleep and as yet have to try it with sleep headphones, but even having the phone playing the music/sounds next to me works pretty well. For 8 hours of sleep as well as a short nap in the plane. Again: The “what to expect” part, that they tell you upfront about, might do most of the work, I don’t know. And do I really care if it works for me? :wink:

The relaxation one is the one I have yet to explore a little bit more, but the one time I have used it it seemed to actually relax me. So yeah.

I probably also like it so much, since I’m actively fighting my podcasting addiction in which I’m listening to podcasts constantly, but without actually really mindfully listening to them. Putting on seems to have actual real-life benefits, so maybe it’s like auditive methadone for me…

Another thing: I think using in the right contexts strengthens creates or strengthens positive habit fields (e. g. putting on a focus session when sitting down at the desk in the morning when it’s time to work).


Given that not all of the different sounds in the focus category work for me, i’m Inclined to argue that this is indeed working as intended, and not a placebo.